Saturday, August 27, 2011

Suncreen 101

James M. Spencer of Spencer Dermatology & Skin  Surgery Center in St. Petersburg, Florida shares some tips to keep you protected as summer heats up.
  • Use SPF 30 or higher. People usually apply using a smaller amount than they should, getting the protection closer to an SPF of 15. So unless you want to spend an extra 10 minutes rubbing it in, up your protection!
  • Skip the spray-on sunscreen. A mist is easy and quick, but lacks the coverage you need. To get the full protection listed on the bottle, you need to spray until your skin is moist and let it dry or rub it in.
  • Towels wipe off the SPF. If you wipe off after being in the ocean or pool, reapply! This applies to water- resistant suncreens too.
  • Staying in the shade is not good enough. Finding a shady spot to sit might keep you cooler, but it doesn't protect your skin as well as SPF will. You can get a sun burn in the shade too. 

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