Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Be Healthier, Happier, and Prettier.. in 30 Seconds or Less?

Skip the mascara or lipgloss- the one thing you need for touching up in your purse is... eye drops!

In the universal perception of beauty, there are certain things that make a person more attractive. Smooth lustrous hair, clear radiant skin, and sparkling white teeth. All of these traits are signs of youth and vitality; and from early human and animal development, choosing a mate with the best overall health was (and still is!) the most desirable.

Now here's what you might not know: your eyes are included. Research published in Ethology found that people with red or bloodshot eyes were perceived as sadder, less attractive, and unhealthy. Dr. Robert R. Provine, the lead author in the study, says, "If you met a friend with bloodshot eyes it would be unclear whether to offer sympathy or medical assistance, because red eyes may be a result of weeping, allergies or infectious diseases.

(credit: R. Provine)

...Given this discovery, eye drops that 'get the red out' can be considered beauty aids.'"

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