Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sculpt Your Face!

It Cosmetics has come out with the "My Sculpted Face" Palette $38.00, claiming to make you look 5-10 lbs thinner and "sculpting" your features to create the perfect and most attractive contrast.

By using the different shades and shadowing, you can effectively contour all your features- slim your nose, widen your eyes, reduce your double chin, and highlight your cheekbones, among other things.

While I don't know if I'll actually be investing in the Palette they offer, the picture shown is worth a thousand words! Using this photo as a guideline, I can easily use what I've got in my own makeup bag to help create all the right contours for my own face.

My "Who Is... Kandee Johnson?" post discussed her "Plastic Surgery With Makeup" tutorials, and if you are comfortable enough with your own makeup knowledge, this guide is a summed up, do-it-yourself version of the techniques the pros use!

See: Instructional guide, including Before & Afters, here.

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