Tuesday, November 16, 2010

No Really.. They're Serious.

Is everyone here familiar with those little games you can waste your day with on Facebook? Even if you haven't played them, you've heard of them: Farmville, Mafia Wars, Cafe World..

Well here's a new one you're not going to believe. It's called "It Girl".

You start out by picking the girl's skin color, hair color and style, makeup, and facial features. To change these at any time, you can go to the salon: where you can tan and get your makeup or hair done. (See pic below).
The main point of the game is to have the "hottest" outfit, and win "show-downs" against other girls. A show-down is a fashion-off, and is done at parties and on the street. You shop at all the stores, which takes energy. Need more? Stop at the coffee shop for a latte, and continue on your way!

Each item of clothing has a certain number of points. Mix together the max amount of points, and you can beat girls in the show-downs. (This is why you must shop all day!) To become the "It Girl", you must win the most show downs and have the biggest "clique". (Your clique will include any of your Facebook friends who also have the application).
When you win a showdown, you get points and more money for shopping. Points allow you to level up, which unlocks higher-end stores and cooler parties.
Other characters in the game talk to each other. A few examples of their phrases/convos include:
"You're rocking the trends!"
"Just wanted to say, you have great style."
"Shopping for tonight's party, it's going to be epic!"
"Oh my gosh, I love your hair! Where did you get it done?"
"Nice shoes!" "Aww, thank you!"
"Find an outfit for the party tonight?" "Yes, it's so hot."

Okay.. seriously. Let's sum up this game one more time. Shopping, coffee, fashion show-downs, cliques, and parties. Oh, and you can check out the newsstands for the latest gossip for extra points too.

This has got to be the most shallow thing I've ever seen! And I'll deny saying this if asked, but I actually don't mind it that much.. its what my own life is usually revolving around anyway. Minus the fashion show-downs of course. (Those are just in my head).

Check it out for yourself!

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